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Born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1959, Sonja Poropat always had a natural and consuming passion for painting. Despite this, she pursued her secondary education and found conventional employment. However, her urge to create art never faded, and she finally decided to pursue it as a profession, rather than a hobby.


And pursue her passion she did. Sonja studied under Professor Dora Kovacevic at the City of Croatia's Centre of Art and soon acquired a solid artistic technical education, which she continues to develop and nurture independently.


Although she mastered all painting techniques, Sonja found her own expression through watercolor on silk. Perfecting this demanding technique and purifying her own artistic signature, Sonja has been her own biggest critic, and her dedication to excellence over quantity maintains a high demand for her original works by collectors, nobility, celebrities, film stars and patrons worldwide. - CONTINUED BELOW -


In recent years, Sonja has returned to other painting techniques, demonstrating that, especially in oil on canvas, she still has much to reveal to her fans and those who have yet to discover her beautiful work. Those who have already come across Sonja's pieces can see the influence of her work from her summer studio on the Adriatic and her home in Dugo Selo, where she is surrounded by the natural ambiance of Martin Breg.


Sonja has held over twelve independent exhibitions in Europe, and has participated in numerous joint exhibitions and humanitarian art colonies. She is a member of the Association for Artistic Creativity and the Croatian Association of Artists.


In October 2009, recognizing a unique opportunity and wishing to expand her consolidation in the European art arena, she entered into a Partnership with DJJC Corporation of Illinois, USA to enable art lovers of all walks of life in North America the opportunity to realize ownership of her rare talent and unique approaches to the visual arts.


In recognition of her exceptional talent and ever-increasing demand the prices that her works command continue to rise significantly, making them a solid investment in art, beauty, and value.