2010 "IRIS" Collection

Inspiring thoughts of warmer days and the long-awaited emergence of Spring have blossomed into a 2010 Spring limited collection of new "Watercolor on Silk" paintings, depicting, in a riot of colorful radiance and natural beauty , the February birth flower... the 25th Wedding Anniversary Flower... the Iris, and its three petals symbolizing faith, valor and wisdom!

faith valor wisdom

These make the perfect gift for a 2010 25th Wedding Anniversary!

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The originals have now been sold for thousands of dollars but you have the opportunity, for a limited time only, to secure your numbered and hand-signed Serigraph copy at the DJJC Direct price of only $275.00 each! (Gallery Price : $475.00)

Each piece has been annotated by Sonja with the title, the limited numbered edition and her signature & DJJC have added their Holographic number seal to validate authenticity.

Click here to browse and Choose for someone you love!

For the Real Collectors: As a one time special, take all 15 (a numbered set) and receive a free Portfolio Presentation Bag with Sonja's name in gold lettering on front, (Gallery Price $4,595.00) for the unbelievably low direct price of only : $3,999.95